puny humans

alien buffet

spooky :O


computer eggs never suck

bachelor skills lacking

it's that time of year again

repent thy sins and be saved

trapped in the null void

with each new victim I grow in strength

mini tub duck

the matrix reloaded sucked

tasty specimens

we have ways of making you talk

in retrospect, getting drunk and
passing out on the tracks
was a bad idea :(

linux geeks know how to rock

The first moon landing
did not go as expected

your blood is dripping from
the all watching eye

select your murder weapon

unwrap UVW pumpkin 2003

feed the machine

the blood is escaping.

flu shots are mind
control nanotechnology

what is the ducktrix?


your cities will burn
and I will feed on your skulls
for a thousand years!

are we having fun yet?

Got change for a twenty?

i had a dream where
i had a dream where
i had a dream where
i had a dream where...

now is the cubicle of our discontent :(

go leafs go